Monday, 9 March 2009

Disaster strikes the confederates!

Well not quite a disaster, but today has been a bad day for painting! I managed to break two of my painting rules :- "Never lift figures over an open pot of paint." and "Always bluetack the base of the paintpot to the table."

Lots of swearing later.... i decided to persevere with the painting.

I have been working on another flag, bearing the Moore coat of arms.
Historically speaking Viscount Charles Moore (1603-1643) from Drogheda, fought against the Confederate armies and was supposedly killed by a cannon ball from a well aimed cannon fired by Owen Roe O'neill!

My gran's side of the family are Moores and a good friends surname is Moore, so i thought i'd make allowances and use their coat of arms.

Three stars and a lion rampant. Fair enough i thought, but after a few attempts at painting i had to give up on the lion. I just couldn't get it at the moment the Moore coat of arms has three stars and a squirrel rampant!
Maybe i'll try again tomorrow!

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