Friday, 20 February 2009

Welcome to the Irish Confederate wargaming blog.

I have been interested in wargaming for over 20 years now, but have never really finished an army for myself to game with. Most of what i have started has ended up in "bring and buys" or on internet auction sites, which is partly why i have decided to create this blog..... in the hope that it generates some interest and pushes me to keep painting!
Another reason for my apathy is perhaps that i have never found a set of rules that have appealed to me, untill recently. Some friends from Edinburgh have been gaming and running a campaign using the Perfect Captains free "Very Civile actions" rules (A supplement for their Spanish Fury ruleset). These rules seem to capture the "war of the three kingdomes" period quite well and allow for a reasonably quick and enjoyable game.

The rules can be found here at the perfect captains website:-
The Perfect Captain
And my friends site, in which he chronicles his latest games:- Edinburgh Wargames

Having decided on a ruleset and human opponents, i would now have to decide upon an army to field (and have enough interest in to actually want to lift a paintbrush!) With my opponents in Edinburgh fielding english royalist and parliamentarian armies, and knowing there where a couple of covenanting armies floating around at their club my choices were limited.
To limit my choices even further, my friend in Glasgow decided he was going to do Montrose's army, so the last army left which no-one already fielded was an irish confederate army.
Being honest this suits everyone perfectly as all of the other armies, bar Montrose's, were historical opponents of the confederates. It also suited me as it led to researching a new period of history and one not as well covered as the rest of the conflict it was a part of.
All i had to do now was get an army underway!!!

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