Monday, 23 February 2009

The high command.

I think like most wargamers i tend to paint the fun stuff first, usually the high command and officer types. The "Very civile actions" rules allow army commanders and officers to move freely around the battlefield attaching themselves to any units as needs be. The officers also have personal characteristics ranging from heroic to bookish to cowardly. These characteristics affect how they command units and armies and whether or not they follow the orders they're given as well as affecting any units their attached to.

For my high command unit i have used a perry-miniatures priest from their crusader range and a mounted scottish commander from their scots of the civil war range. The standard bearer is a bicorne minatures irish pikeman.

Another good thing about doing an irish confederate army is that i can use Alasdair MacDonald aka Macolla the devastator aka Colkitto, as an officer. More famously known for his role as Montrose's lieutenant, he campaigned in Scotland in the hopes of defeating his bitter rivals the Campbells and regaining his lands and titles.
As he was not able to keep control of his ancestral lands he returned to Ireland with the hopes of recruiting a new force to return to Scotland with. While in Ireland he reluctantly took a commission as an officer in the confederate army and died before he could raise a new force and return to his native land.

Now that i've painted some of the fun stuff i really should be getting tanked in to the rank and file!

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  1. Fantastic stuff - focus on the units mate - once they are done you'll find the inspiration!!! The painting is great - this blog will hopefully give me the kick in the arse I need to get painting again and get some more stuff done