Monday, 11 May 2009

New summer campaign beginning!

It's been a while since i've actually posted anything, but i've been working away and actually have some completed regiments finished.....painted and based!
My main reason for not posting for so long is that of the typical wargamer. New projects!
I am however back on track with the irish and shall try and put some pictures of completed regiments on in the next day or two!
Cheers all!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Disaster strikes the confederates!

Well not quite a disaster, but today has been a bad day for painting! I managed to break two of my painting rules :- "Never lift figures over an open pot of paint." and "Always bluetack the base of the paintpot to the table."

Lots of swearing later.... i decided to persevere with the painting.

I have been working on another flag, bearing the Moore coat of arms.
Historically speaking Viscount Charles Moore (1603-1643) from Drogheda, fought against the Confederate armies and was supposedly killed by a cannon ball from a well aimed cannon fired by Owen Roe O'neill!

My gran's side of the family are Moores and a good friends surname is Moore, so i thought i'd make allowances and use their coat of arms.

Three stars and a lion rampant. Fair enough i thought, but after a few attempts at painting i had to give up on the lion. I just couldn't get it at the moment the Moore coat of arms has three stars and a squirrel rampant!
Maybe i'll try again tomorrow!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Something for the weekend.

More officer pics! I now have 1 officer for each of my infantry regiments. All i need now are infantry regiments!!!

Above we have a Perry miniatures ensign with a Foundry officer from their petard crew.
I'll be using this base if i'm unlucky enough to pick a cowardly officer in the rules.
Below is an Essex miniatures gentleman with his rather big and fiercesome pet dug!
I must do a conversion of this at some point, with the officer mounted on the dog!

I've also managed to complete some artillery bases.....

Oh well, back to the rank and file!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Information and Inspiration.

I was going to write a brief history of the "Confederate wars" or "11 years war" but i'm feeling really lazy and others have done it allready! So a link to a timeline of the confederate wars can be found here:British civil wars
This website also gives information about some of the battles and major events of the confederate wars as well as the English civil war in general, both North and south of the border on the British mainland.
Another interesting website out there is Scot Wars. It contains lots of information on Scottish military history and mentions some of the battles and personalities from Scotland involved in the Confederate wars. It can be found here::Scot wars
And finally. The blog that inspired this blog and made me want to pick up a paintbrush and actually do some painting!!! (thank you!) ::Project Auldearn 1645
This blog contains information on Montrose's campaigns in Scotland and the covenanter forces deployed against him. It also has lots of pretty pictures of very nicely painted miniatures, definitely an inspiration if you need to kick-start your own painting!

I should mention some of the reading materials i've been working my way through recently. I was going to say trawling but that's probably quite harsh, it's just if i'm reading then i'm not painting!
A great source of information on the irish confederate armies is:

Confederate Catholics At War 1641-49 by Padraig Lenihan (published by Cork University Press)
This detailed book gives tons of information on the armies, battles and sieges, as well as the political and financial problems faced by the Confederates.

Scottish Covenanters and Irish Confederates byDavid Stevenson (published bythe Ulster Historical Foundation)
This book is more about Scottish-Irish relations at the time of the English civil war, and in particular the Scottish armies in Ireland.

The Anatomy of a Siege: King John's Castle, Limerick 1642 by Kenneth Wiggins (published by The Boydell Press)
This book is about, funnily enough, the siege of King John's castle! Again tons of information about Irish siegecraft.

And wargames illustrated no.145 (October 1999), which has a 5 page article on the confederate wars by Sean Sweeney. It has some illustrations of flags and coronets which have been useful.

Other inspiration recently has come from a few films i've picked up from Amazon and Ebay.
Allthough not about the confederate wars (or even the english civil wars) they are in roughly the same period and have some rather good battle scenes!
1612 - A Russian film. Unfortunately my copy has no subtitles and my Russian is non existant but the small skirmish and final battle scenes definitely make it worth a watch.
Alatriste - Staring Vigo Mortensen. Very Gory and violent in places and the final battle scene of "Rocroi" with it's push of pikes is really nicely done, allthough it's a shame there weren't more extras involved.
Potop (aka The deluge) - A Polish film set during the 30 years war period which has some nice battles and lots of cannon!

Monday, 23 February 2009

The high command.

I think like most wargamers i tend to paint the fun stuff first, usually the high command and officer types. The "Very civile actions" rules allow army commanders and officers to move freely around the battlefield attaching themselves to any units as needs be. The officers also have personal characteristics ranging from heroic to bookish to cowardly. These characteristics affect how they command units and armies and whether or not they follow the orders they're given as well as affecting any units their attached to.

For my high command unit i have used a perry-miniatures priest from their crusader range and a mounted scottish commander from their scots of the civil war range. The standard bearer is a bicorne minatures irish pikeman.

Another good thing about doing an irish confederate army is that i can use Alasdair MacDonald aka Macolla the devastator aka Colkitto, as an officer. More famously known for his role as Montrose's lieutenant, he campaigned in Scotland in the hopes of defeating his bitter rivals the Campbells and regaining his lands and titles.
As he was not able to keep control of his ancestral lands he returned to Ireland with the hopes of recruiting a new force to return to Scotland with. While in Ireland he reluctantly took a commission as an officer in the confederate army and died before he could raise a new force and return to his native land.

Now that i've painted some of the fun stuff i really should be getting tanked in to the rank and file!

Friday, 20 February 2009

Welcome to the Irish Confederate wargaming blog.

I have been interested in wargaming for over 20 years now, but have never really finished an army for myself to game with. Most of what i have started has ended up in "bring and buys" or on internet auction sites, which is partly why i have decided to create this blog..... in the hope that it generates some interest and pushes me to keep painting!
Another reason for my apathy is perhaps that i have never found a set of rules that have appealed to me, untill recently. Some friends from Edinburgh have been gaming and running a campaign using the Perfect Captains free "Very Civile actions" rules (A supplement for their Spanish Fury ruleset). These rules seem to capture the "war of the three kingdomes" period quite well and allow for a reasonably quick and enjoyable game.

The rules can be found here at the perfect captains website:-
The Perfect Captain
And my friends site, in which he chronicles his latest games:- Edinburgh Wargames

Having decided on a ruleset and human opponents, i would now have to decide upon an army to field (and have enough interest in to actually want to lift a paintbrush!) With my opponents in Edinburgh fielding english royalist and parliamentarian armies, and knowing there where a couple of covenanting armies floating around at their club my choices were limited.
To limit my choices even further, my friend in Glasgow decided he was going to do Montrose's army, so the last army left which no-one already fielded was an irish confederate army.
Being honest this suits everyone perfectly as all of the other armies, bar Montrose's, were historical opponents of the confederates. It also suited me as it led to researching a new period of history and one not as well covered as the rest of the conflict it was a part of.
All i had to do now was get an army underway!!!